Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thing #7

I had fun playing with google. I created my husband a calendar so that he could access my calendar. That way he can check and see what the rest of the family is doing!!! He was impressed. I also set up my iGoogle. I wish you could use some of the backgrounds on GMail.
I'm really glad my school uses google calendar for our school calendar. It makes my life so easy. This wasn't part of the thing---but I set up my ipod touch to read my google calendar. Now if I ever get an iPhone I'll be set and ready!!

Thing #6

The trading card was fun!! We have our World's Wax Museum in a few weeks and I'm already planning how we can make these with each of our fifth graders. If the Computer teacher doesn't want to it is going to become a library project.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thing #5

I fell off the 2.0 wagon and now I'm trying to finish just so I know I can do it all.

My third graders are all reading Skylark so I searched Flickr for some pictures of Patricia MacLachlan.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thing #4

I'm all registered. I think. We'll see!!!

Thing #3

Ok--i made my avatar--i even made 2 so i could switch it one day. Since i just got back from a scuba trip the picture seemed like fun. I haven't looked at anyone else's blog except the ones that helped me get this far. Who knows maybe tomorrow I'll get more daring.

Thing #2

I like learning---I really liked #3 on list to view problems as challenges and not crisis.
I'm excited about #6 and using technology to my advantage. I rely too much on my husband and children to do this. I'm ready to be able to play. The hardest is going to have confidence in myself to be competent on the computer!!!